by Keith Duncan

Chapter 2 - Superlungs

Late summer 1968 and Terry's into the studio to produce his first album.  Eric Lease who was actually a guitarist had been replaced by the aforementioned Bill Bonham on keyboards and horns. The group got the tracks recorded in a few sessions spread over the late summer early autumn, delivering a piece of work with a raw sparse sound. The range of songs and diversity of sounds suggests that Terry was allowed a fairly free reign in the studio. Most of the tracks were penned by Terry and included his well-regarded classic song 'Without Expression'. Overall impression is of someone trying things out experimenting and searching for their muse. Certainly listening to the tracks now in our digitally perfect age there is a refreshing raw sound that modern bands are keen to emulate. Bill Bonham who apart from the Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes bass played sax and flute, remembers John Paul Jones who was nearby rehearsing with the soon-to-be led Zeppelin helping out with stand-up and electric bass.

cream68 terry reid

After laying the tracks down the band were booked on a package tour with Scott Walker managing a couple of dates before they had to cancel due to Bill Bonham becoming seriously ill. They were also booked to tour the first time in America on Creams farewell tour.  This was a chance not to be missed and Terry replaced Bill with keyboard player Peter Solley. Apart from the band problems this first chance to get to America seemed to hang by a very slender thread as far as contracts, plane tickets etc. Terry's support slot had been requested by Eric Clapton but as the dates of the tour approached with little sign of concrete arrangements Terry began to get worried. An anxious phone call to Eric Clapton's people was responded to late one night by Eric himself who listened to Terry told, him to get a taxi and gave him an address in West London. Terry and taxi driver duly set off into the night to find themselves at the gates of George Harrison's home a mansion that looked like it had been left over from the set of a Hammer horror movie. There followed a night of jamming and talking with Eric, George and Terry, witnessed by a bemused taxi driver.  Eric reassured Terry that all would be well and he would personally make sure that arrangements were completed. Straight after recording the last album track Terry, Peter and Keith flew off to America and a whole new ball game. Playing in English town halls clubs small venues etc just cannot be compared to the American stadium arenas with their massed fans that were awaiting them. Highlight of the tour was probably their gig at Madison Square Gardens in New York. Terry was bowled over by America and became a regular visitor.

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