by Keith Duncan

Chapter 3 Part 2 - River Man

With legal restraints removed the band began what would become a two-year odyssey to record the album River, which wouldn't see the light of day until 1973 when it was cautiously released by Atlantic records.
The sessions began in London in Advision studios with Terry staying over in town whilst he was recording. Terry had long been a fan of Brazilian music and had come to know one of it’s leading lights, Gilberto Gil who he had met when they played on the same day at the IOW festival. Gil had fallen seriously out of favour with the Brazilian regime and had to flee, Terry through his lawyer had given  a helping hand to his attempt to gain asylum in the UK, further cementing their friendship. In the early part of their stay in England, Gil and numerous members of his family were camped out in his London flat. Terry recalls returning from studio sessions to the sound of portuguese banter and exotic cooking smells. Gilberto did in fact turn up for some of the early Advision sessions though sadly Terry doesn't recall him actually playing on any of the tracks. But Gil’s bossa nova ( literally new beat ) style is evident particularly on the title track River. Gil stayed in the UK maintaining a friendship with Terry’s drummer Alan White which together with meeting the ‘first’ River producer Eddie Offord led to a long association with prog rockers Yes. riverfront riverback
1973 the year of River's release saw two performances by Terry on the classic BBC music show 'The Old Grey Whistle Test'. Sadly there's only one track from River, 'Live Life' . This is however more than compensated for by an excellent version of 'With Expression', with a relaxed and mellow Terry resplendent in cowboy hat.

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