by Keith Duncan

Chapter 2 - Superlungs

Sadly all was not fun either for the Stones with the dark events at Altamont about to cast a shadow over them or for Terry who had had a serious falling out with Mickey Most. Most  had promised not to mix the album without Terry there but whilst Terry was in America had done just that.  Terry returned to the UK and had a blazing row with him unaware that Donovan had done the same the day before.  Most was in no mood to compromise and in effect told Terry to knuckle down and do what he was told or he wouldn't record again. In New York Peter and Chris aware of the career blocking events made the decision that it was time to leave and went off to form their own band Paladin. So there's Terry back in the UK alone on the threshold of success and the brink of disaster.

This 1969 appearance on German TV produced an excellent performance of 'Superlungs'. The performance of Highway 61 shows the Dylan influence at work

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